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Animated Video Production

Considering the buzz on video animation out there on the Internet (and the amazing results it provides), you must be eager to make your own video. When talking about video animation content, explainer videos stand out as a fantastic alternative to complement your marketing strategy.

You know that video content is rocking the web and can enhance your marketing strategy like no other resource. You also know that animated marketing videos, in particular, provide great benefits: they stand out as one of the most engaging and persuasive tools you can resort to, and give you the chance to pass out your business idea by using a format that people really love.

One thing’s for sure: when developing an explainer video, you have to be wise on which vendor you choose. You have to pick out that special animated video company that works with top quality products and that has everything that’s necessary to get the best results.

Yes. There are many factors that come into play and that will define why an animated video production company can be considered “the best one” (or “one of the best ones”). Just to name a few, we could think about expertise, quality of work, communication skills, customer satisfaction, price, good execution, and more.

From a general point of view, consider these 5 key pillars when choosing a video animation service: 

  1. Quality and expertise: check out how the video animation company works, review its portfolio, and make sure it meets your brand’s needs.
  2. Communication: the vendor you choose must be capable of establishing a smooth and clear communication process.
  3. Customization: customization is highly important as it will make the whole difference between your animated corporate video and your competitor´s.
  4. Feedback: check out the reviews, comments and general feedback other clients have made about the animated video production company.
  5. Price: you can choose cheaper companies (which usually use template videos) or others that are a little bit more expensive but that also offer other types of video animation services (and ultimately…results). Going with an animated video company that works with custom explainer videos is always the best option.

Getting Started with Animated Video Production

The explainer video production process has its own peculiarities and, obviously, has to be done by a well-prepared team, with solid expertise and key soft skills, that are also committed and focused on meeting the client’s needs. If you’re looking for Video Marketing advice or implementation for your business, feel free to contact us directly and we’ll get in touch. Yullux was voted the #1 agency in Europe, Yullux is based in London, United Kingdom if you prefer to walk-in.


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