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Ready Made iOS + Android Mobile Application - Full Solution ONLY $5000

We'll set up your own iOS & Android mobile application within 1 week, branded and adapted to your needs.

Yullux Presents The Best Car Dealership Mobile App Solution available on the market.

Are you looking to become the biggest name in the automotive industry in your local area or country? Well, we have the solution for you!

Multiple dealership locations? No problem.

Multiple dealer accounts? No problem.

Want to use it as a marketplace? Easy.

This is a full solution for dealerships that want to streamline their selling process and gain brand exposure with the use of mobile applications.


– 1x Mobile application: iOS & Android apps 

– Promotional Video

– App Marketing Strategy

– Social Materials – posts, stories & other easy to edit templates pre-made by us

The best part? 

This is SUPER easy to run, manage and most importantly anyone can use it, your employees can update their listings with ease all while you can manage & moderate everything from your own admin dashboard with ease!

Give your customers the car buying experience they deserve!

Test our LIVE demo mobile application - you can create an account & test uploading. Your app would be branded under your own dealership/brand!

Example Car Dealership App

The Features:

These are some of the features your new dealership would have access to:

– Location Based Selling (Can easily use multiple cities or dealerships)

– User can set their location

– Upload Car from User (Employees or Customers) Permissions can be set.

– Create Seller/Buyer profiles

– Live chat with sellers

– Make offers for customers + accept/reject offers for sellers

– Advanced filter search including map search

– Featured listings (paid ads option or select featured listings)

– User History

– Follow sellers to keep up to date with their listings e.g. Follow dealership location x to keep up with latest car listings in that area

– Push notifications

– Offline cache (search offline)

– Favourite listings (wish list)

– Multi-Language support (currently available in English, extra charge option to have in multiple languages)

More Information on the App

Any questions you might have - we'll be open to answer them on your request!


Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know what these things mean but it’s just for the tech savvy dealerships who want more information. You personally don’t need to worry about these as we’ve made it super easy to use, you just receive a ready made platform that you can manage.

Admin Panel – Built with CodeIgniter (PHP)

App – Built with Flutter 2.0

Messaging within the app – Real time chatting with Firebase

Login – Multiple integrations available; Apple, Google, Facebook & Email login

Support & Running Costs

Hosting: Mobile application & backend is $6.50 per month

Mobile app maintenance & updates: $60 each (Roughly 2 per year advised)

Support: We offer tutorial videos of how to use & manage your admin dashboard (although it is EXTREMELY EASY). We’ll also provide you 3 months of support – any questions, help you might need we’re there for you.

Extra: We’ll import/add your cars for you when setting up your mobile application – once this is setup, it extremely easy for you to manage, and add any more listings to your app; but we’ll handle the first work load for you!

Call us to have a casual chat to see if this is the right fit for you...

Don't worry, we don't bite - we'll just answer any of your questions without any pesky sales tactics and if it's for you, we go from there!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you re-brand the app to my dealership brand?

Yes, we’ll change every aspect of the app on delivery with your logo, information, locations and we’ll even import your initial cars for you free of charge!

How much does it cost to run the app?

Aside from your payment of $2,950 to purchase this app. Your running costs per year will be approximately $200. This includes hosting & app maintenance / updates.

How long before I'd have this app on my name?

As soon as you purchase this mobile application and you’ve provided your information, we’ll change everything accordingly within 24 hours and push the update through which can take 1-3 days to take effect. If you want to transfer the mobile application to your own developer account afterwards, this can take a few more days.

Do I get the full source code for the app?

Yes, we’ll provide you with installation, set up and we’ll also provide you with the Full Source Code afterwards in a folder for you to keep for the future.

What about changes in the future?

Currently we are selling this mobile application as is, however, we will be providing updates as we go along – meaning we’ll be adding new features in the future. If you’re looking to make custom changes to the app itself such as adding new features, this costs between $200-500 depending on the request.

How does this benefit your business?

Aside from…

  • Having a competitive advantage over other car dealerships
  • Creating a certain level of stature to your business outfit
  • Stream lining your customers browsing process
  • Make it easier for people to deal with your agents
  • Allow people to make offers directly on specific cars without having to call, come in person or make them wait for you check with other agents for car details


We all saw what Covid done to the industry – stay one step ahead and allow people to browse cars extensively and have a great user experience with this app.


Give yourself…

The best possible listing management available on the market, leave the old ways behind and keep your customers updated. Plus, it’s always a nice feeling knowing you’re the owner of a mobile application and knowing that you’re adapting with the market changes.

Ok... I want to hear more! Next Step?

Step 1.

Contact us

Call us via Whatsapp or use our live chat to talk to use directly.

Step 2

Quick Chat

We'll answer any questions you may have without any obligation or sales tactics.

Step 3

Ready to go?

We'll send you over what we need from you to set you up plus various payment options - from a one time payment option to instalments.

Step 4

We submit your app to the stores

In 1 week you have your app with your branding ready to go!

Step 5

Enjoy the benefits!

That easy, we don't complicate things - we're here to make your business life easier.

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