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Elevate your brand with Yullux – everything from strategy to automation technology & scaling.

01 // Main Focus

Sustainable Growth

We are passionate about creating brands that can sustain themselves without the need of constant cash injections. We focus on creating deeply connected brands, services, and teams that enable sustainable growth within a company through the use of technology and planning.

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Insights & Strategy

We create forward-looking plan for your brand’s backbone.

–  Research & Data
–  Branding & Positioning
–  Business Consulting
–  Go To Market
–  Innovation
–  SEO / SEM

In-house Development

We equip teams with the tools & knowledge to grow on their own.

–  Training
–  Employee on-boarding
–  Automation Setup
–  Motion Design Setup
–  Illustration Setup
–  Photography & Video


We focus on both sustainable & disruptive technologies.

–  Software Development
–  Blockchain
–  Artificial Intelligence
–  Information Architecture
–  Website & Mobile Application

Advertising & Scaling

Advertisement shouldn’t cost you an arm & a leg.

–  Google + other ad sources
–  Database Sourcing
–  Email Automation
–  Other Automation Softwares

02 // Expertise

Start ups

We tailor all our start up launches but with a few key fundamentals always in place from Website, Application development, sales structures to sales automation systems being the core of the business. Once we have a strong solid backbone to a start ups infrastructure, we start focusing on in-house training and on-boarding systems for our clients to be fully automated by the time we are done.


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The Retail Uber?

We're currently developing a new Uber style application for a Start up in Cyprus. We've created their...

03 // Industry Opportunities

the youth

Yullux is currently undertaking two large scale projects: Investor Talks & Monthly Learning – with the aim to provide youth worldwide with the know how & ins/outs of business for free. We believe education shouldn’t be a privilege but rather something available for anybody wanting.

These programs will be launched during the summer of 2021, at that time we aim to provide over 50 paid internships to those who have taken the time to seek & complete the opportunities presented to them.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our programs, please contact us directly and we’ll provide you with more details.

04 // This is how we do it

Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing technological experiences

Ready to talk business? Shoot us an email.

Since 2017, we’ve launched hundreds of unique visual systems and strategies to achieve the best result in the digital & physical world. Moving forward we have expanded to Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence in 2019; we’ve currently got 3 major projects designed for Governments in the pipeline.

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05 // Featured Stories

What’s new?

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